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A Little History

Back in 1990, Theo Schoeman was searching  for workshop software that would be suitable for the engine rebuilding workshop he was managing at the time. He scrutinised all available workshop management software that was available at the time, but soon realised that non could do what he was hoping for. He then teamed up with Leon Teubes, a very competent Clarion programmer and engineer. With Theo's background in engineering and workshop management, and Leon being a very experienced programmer they soon formed a formiddable team.

The first AutoPlan workshop management program was implemented early 1992.

Soon other Automotive Engineers, the likes of Allan Brink - MD of  Allan Y Brink, the late Spencer Murray - MD of the Valfrira group of companies, Daan Visagie - MD of Pelma Hodlings and others invested in the software. We acknowlege their valuable input over the years that contributed greatly to the superb system the AutoPlan workshop management system has become.

During 1999 Bosau Information Systems (Pty) Ltd was formed with Theo Schoeman as Managing Director and Henri Enslin and Anzet Schoeman as Directors.

Over the years the AutoPlan system have grown into software that covers the every need of the repair industry - from Automotive Engineering workshops, Repair and Service shops, Garages, Specialist Parts Sales, Refurbisment of heavy duty vehicles and manufacturing of armoured and specialist vehicles - 98% of all workshops in South Africa contracted to refurbish military vehicles use the AutoPlan system.

AutoPlan is a truly unique system design and is developed with a focus on maximising value for its users.
Unlike other software products that attempt to cover multiple industries with one application, we have always been committed to the automotive repair, refurbishment and manufacturing industries, simply because we fully understand their  processes and software requirements .